Enjoy the Flavorful Delicacies of Israel

Israel is famous for its food. The natural ingredients found in the land of Israel ever since the first Zionists came to Israel in 1948. The ingredients like olives, barley, figs, wheat are among the few ingredients found in abundance. Over past years, Israeli food has proven itself to the world and it also made its space in world culinary scene.

Some Famous Delicacies of Israel

Israeli Food

Israeli Cooking

When it comes to Israeli home cooked delicacies, the Israelis preferred only dry spices like turmeric, cumin, paprika, za’atar, and bay leaf with some fresh parsley, garlic, and cilantro as well. The most well-known fast food staples is falafel, which is prepared in many ways with chicken peas and spices like pepper, turmeric, za’atar, coriander. Falafel can’t stand without the tahina. Tahina is famous dip of Arab dish; it is a sesame sauce that makes everything tastes better.

Hummus is the other delicacy, which is as popular as falafel is. Hummus is food dip or spread which is prepared with ground chickpeas, garlic salt and lemon juice and is often served with pine nuts or olive oil. It is generally have with pita bread. Baba Ghanoush, Eggplant Baladi, Okra with Yogurt Sauce, Spinach Pie and many more are the popular dishes of Israel. During the cooking lessons people can also learn Pita, Challah, Beer Bread, No Knead Bread, Rolls with Sunflower Seeds for cooking.

What Makes Israeli Food So Special?

Israeli Food

Israeli Cookbooks English

 As we know that the spices adds flavor to the food and that is the only thing which make the food of Israel so special. There are some special spices used in culinary.

  • Paprika:- It is slightly in sweet form. The Eastern Europe countries are well known for the red powder which they use in almost everything they made.
  • Za’atar:- It is strongly connected to oregano, marjoram and thyme. It is mostly used for the cure of headache. It is best to prepare all the Middle-Eastern recipes.

Israel food Tours has many delicious tastes and variation in their food culinary to bring to the table to have it.


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